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Spooky Files TV Series ABC BBC
Hardball TV Series ABC

Guy co-created, wrote, and was a director on ABC's Emmy® award-winning, and twice Emmy® nominated, live-action comedy series Hardball. Playing for twenty-three episodes over two seasons, this series earned Guy his first Australian Director's Guild nomination for Best Direction. Hardball also won Best Children’s Fiction Program at the Prix Jeunesse International Awards, BANFF Rockies, The Remis, Japan Prize, and more.


BBC/ABC's Spooky Files, on which he's co-creator, executive producer, writer and director, is out now. This series earned Guy his second Australian Director's Guild nomination for Best Direction. Season Two of Spooky Files shoots 2024. His next series Dance Spies, which he's created, written and will direct, is being co-produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment in Canada and Northern Pictures in Australia. He's co-written two critically acclaimed kids book series - Zoo Crew, published by Scholastic, and Zombie Diariespublished by Hardie Grant. Zombie Diaries has, so far, been translated into eight languages. His feature film debut, Nest, is targeting a Q3 2024 shoot and is being produced by Mushroom Studios. He has a number of new film and television projects in development as a writer and director, and has a new book series out in 2025.

For enquiries or for links to his work, contact: Aurora Artists' Management

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